Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

What is SheHacks Boston?

The mission of SheHacks Boston is to...

  • Empower women and femme non-binary individuals in technology to achieve
  • Provide them with opportunities to explore the tech industry in an inspiring, encouraging, and energizing environment
  • Create a community of inclusivity within the tech industry

SheHacks Boston is a 36-hour, student-run hackathon open to all female and non-binary individuals.
Led by women from across Boston's universities, SheHacks is set to be the largest all-female and non-binary hackathon in the world!


What is a hackathon?

Our Hackers

Anjali Doneria

North Carolina State University

"I want to inspire other women in tech to go out there and experiment regardless of what their level of expertise is in the field."

Gefen Skolnick

Santa Monica College

"I will have a chance to meet potential future co-founders, meet inspirational women, and create a project that will help me grow as a software developer."

Reg Ledesma

University of Maryland, College Park

"As a non-binary student, I am excited to find a space where I can learn to code and explore opportunities in the tech industry."



Join a Community of Technologists

Need someone to watch your computer while you go snag another piece of pizza? At SheHacks Boston, each participant will receive a mentor who will provide tech and moral support!

Learn How to Code

Coding can be hard sometimes, especially when you are trying to teach yourself. At SheHacks Boston, we offer a variety of introductory, intermediate, and advanced workshops for you to learn about the latest technologies in a safe and supportive environment.

Network with Companies

Come learn about job and internship opportunities from representatives from local start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies.

Solve Real-World Problems

Join us in exploring how we can use our skills to solve real-world problems through technology.


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To learn more about joining as a sponsor, contact Natalie Pienkowska at

Frequently Asked Questions

You can register with the form here!
We are accepting applicants on a rolling basis until late December.
We welcome female and femme non-binary individuals of all skill levels who have a passion for learning more about technology and are 16 years or older.
We welcome beginners and experts alike! There will be plenty of workshops and mentors available to guide you throughout your 36-hour hacking journey.
Thanks to our sponsors, this event will be free for anyone who would like to attend!
Food from Friday night dinner to Sunday morning breakfast will be all on us! That's right: free food!
We all like to plan to pull an all-nighter at a hackathon, but in case you do get tired, we will provide a space for you to sleep.
If you do not already have a team or project for the hackathon, do not worry! We will match you with other students with interests and skill levels similar to yours based off your answers to our application.
Please bring an ID for admission and a laptop to hack on! We will send out a detailed list of what to pack closer to the hackathon.
We are providing travel reimbursements on a need-basis for hackers who requested it in ther application and are traveling from out of state.*

*For hackers coming from the Greater New York Area - we will be providing a bus from New York to Boston and back. Seats are first come first serve to those who indicated in their application that they would like travel reimbursement.

Request travel reimbursement here!
We would love to have you join us as a volunteer or mentor! If you're interested to learn more, you can sign up as a volunteer or read about mentoring here.

The Team

Advertising & CS
Boston University, 2019

Fiona Whittington


Computer Science
Match High School, 2019

Candace Williams

Assistant Director

Computer Science
Northeastern University, 2019

Sreeya Sai

Head of Sponsorship

Computer Science
MIT, 2020

Marla Odell

Head of Student Innovation

+ See more
Business & CS
Boston University, 2020

Natalie Pienkowska

Head of Finance

New York University, 2019

Kendra Levy

Head of Communications

Computer Science
UMASS Boston, 2019

Ira Ceka

Head of Marketing

Computer Science
Boston University, 2019

Helen Zhang

Chief Technologist

Computer Science
Boston University, 2020

Ramsha Arshad

Head of Resources

Computer Science
Wellesley, 2020

Breana Dupree-Jones

Head of Transportation

Computer Science
Wellesley, 2020

Nicole Gates

Head of Transportation

Computer Science
Boston University, 2020

Julia Bighetto

Business & IT Lead

Computer Science
Boston University, 2021

Sarah Greisdorf

Head of Operations

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