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Where can I sleep?

Our sleeping areas are located at SAO SAC Gym (2AM-8AM) and in Theology building (Open starting 1AM) and in Hariri (Open now). You can find these locations on our map!

How can I find a mentor?

You can request a mentor here.

How many members can I have on my team?

Each team needs to have at least 2 members and a maximum of 6 members.

How many workshops can I attend?

You can attend as many workshops and talks as you'd like! Our workshops are first come first serve due to limited room capacity. Once a workshop has filled up we will close the room door. The Hack Your Hoodie workshop requires an RSVP, you can view all our workshops on our schedule page.

How are projects being judged?

Category and Fun challenges will be judged in the following areas: Technical Difficulty, Usefulness & Relevance, Creativity, and Overall Polish. More details can be found on our prizes page.

How many challenges can I apply to?

You can apply to as many categories as your hack can qualify for!

What do the different wrist-bands mean?

Where is food?

Snacks, coffee, and fruit will be served in the Academy Room (GSU First Floor), and all meals will be served in BU Central (GSU Basement).