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Category Prizes

Environmental Sustainability

Prize: An Amazon Echo Dot and $70 Lush Gift Card for each team member & $250 Donation to Charity of Team's Choice

Description: Create a solution for your neighborhood that reduces a waste of your choice.
Create a solution that helps individuals and communities prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Gender Equality

Prize: An Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa for each team member & $250 Donation to Charity of Team's Choice

Description: Create an application that empowers women and members from underprivileged backgrounds.
Create a solution to help victims of sexual assault raise their voice and access resources.

Political Polarization

Prize: A GoPro for each team member & $250 Donation to Charity of Team's Choice

Description: Create a solution that will help combat the fake news phenomena.
Create a solution that helps connect policy makers and citizens.


Prize: Bose SoundSport Headphones for each team member & $250 Donation to Charity of Team's Choice

Description: Create a solution that would help first responders.
Create a solution that helps displaced victims get access to aid.

Health & Wellness

Prize: A Fitbit Alta for each team member & $250 Donation to Charity of Team's Choice

Description: Create a solution that helps individuals understand and support others with mental health issues.
Create a solution to help individuals from underpriviledged backgrounds learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Judging Critera

The general prizes will be each judged based on four major categories: technical difficulty, usefulness & relevance, creativity, and overall polish. All hacks will be automatically considered for the following Fun Prizes that they quality for.

Fun Prizes

She </Learns>

Prize: A Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera (sponsored by Bloomberg) & $300 towards any General Assembly classes, workshops and bootcamps for each team member

Description: Beginner Hack Award!
To promote creativity, purpose, and drive in new women hackers, Bloomberg presents our prize for She Learns/Best First-Time Hack. This category is for the beginner team (where at least half of team members have never attended a hackathon before) with most ambitous hack. All team members will receive a Fuji Instax camera and film!

She </Laughs>

Prize: A pair of Snapchat Spectacles for each team member

Description: Funniest Hack Award!
For the team with the most hilarious and creative hack.

She </Inspires>

Prize: An Official Arduino Starter Kit for each team member

Description: Best High School Hack Award!
For the high school team with the most impressive and ambitious hack.

She </Smiles>

Prize: Polaroid Camera for each team member

Description: Most heart-warming hack award!
For the team that presents the most heart-warming hack in SheHack Boston's theme of hacking for social good.

Company Prizes

Prize: Google Home - Smart Speaker & Home Assistant for each team member

Description: Google Cloud Platform Award!
For the team with the best use of the Google Cloud Platform.

Prize: $250 Donation to Charity of Team's Choice & Sonos One Speaker for each team member

Description: Wayfair Category Award!
Create a solution to support low income or displaced families on finding and securing housing.

Prize: $250 Amazon Web Services Credit (US only)

Description: MLH Rep Category Award!
For the team with the best use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in their hack.

Only for AWS Approved States/Countries only. High schools are excluded from this category.

Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card for each team member

Description: CBRE Category Award!
For the team with the best hack that helps the local community or the environment.

As the world's largest real estate services and investment company, CBRE takes the impact it has on the world seriously. CBRE embraces its responsibility to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment and, at the same time, create a positive effect on the communities in which we live and work.

Prize: Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c and power supply

Description: MLH Rep Category Award!
For the team with the best IoT hack using a Qualcomm device.

Prize: Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

Description: MLH Rep Category Award!
For the team with the best domain name from Domain.com.

Prize: A Fitbit Atla for each team member

Description: Optum Category Award!
Create a web or mobile application that makes the process of a "hospital visit" better. Be creative!

Optum is the technology division of UnitedHealth Group, the world's largest healthcare company and ranked 6 on the Fortune 500. Optum's mission is to make the healthcare system work better for everyone.

Prize: Amazon Gift Cards

Description: MathWorks Category Award!
How do YOU make Math Work? Any hack accelerating pace of engineering and science. Use of MathWorks products is not necessary.


Prize: Two Sigma branded swag bags that include $100 American Express giftcards for each team member.

Description: Two Sigma Category Award!
Best use of a Boston open data source for social good.

Prize: Amazon Gift Cards

Description: MathWorks Category Award!
MATLAB at its best! Any hack using MathWorks products that WOWs us can be qualified for this prize.


Prize: Eligible undergraduate or graduate students on the winning team will receive summer internships at IBM Research.

Description: IBM Category Award!
Hacking Healthcare with AI.

Big Data is proliferating in the healthcare system, and overwhelming providers, patients, payors, and policy makers. Innovative approaches are needed to find insights in Big Data that can improve health outcomes. IBM is committed to creating and delivering cognitive solutions that addresses this healthcare challenge. We are excited to offer Shehacks participants the challenge of 'Hacking Healthcare with AI'. We ask you to develop a machine learning tool, using an open-source programming language, to discover actionable insights in a publicly available healthcare data set. The winning team will produce a creative AI approach that can lead to high value healthcare.

Prize: The most with the most entrepreneurial promise will win a Rough Draft swag bag, an invite to lunch with RDV co-founders, and the opportunity to pitch Rough Draft Ventures for up to $25K in funding.

Description: Rough Ventures VC Category Award!
Most Entrepreneurial Hack

From Facebook to Snap, Stripe to Squarespace, dozens of iconic companies have been founded by students. This prize goes to the team most likely to become future founders. We don’t expect you to start a company overnight--a "Rough Draft" will do.

Prize: Bose Bluetooth Speakers II for each team member

Description: IBM Category Award!
Best Economic Empowerment Hack

In a 2015 study, 25 percent of university students in the United States gave themselves a D or an F in how successfully they manage their money. Finances are one of the main reasons students don’t complete college. Minorities often face unique challenges as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of these challenges include defying social expectations, gaining access to capital, being part of business networks, finding a community of like-minded mentors, and knowledge of how to effectively and strategically partner with local government. Develop a web or mobile app that helps your peers improve their financial wellness. It can be any platform but should have a focus on being actionable and relevant.

Prize: A Backpack and Bluetooth Speaker Set for each team member

Description: Red Hat Category Award!
Best Open Source Hack

Share your code with the world by making it open source!
1) Repository must be publicly hosted on a site like GitHub – no log in should be necessary to see the code
2) Hack must either be:
* explicitly licensed under one of the licenses here *or*
* a contribution (pull request submitted, not necessarily accepted yet) to an open source project (licensed under a license above)
Please stop by the Red Hat table for a handout with information on how to add a license to your code and to learn more about open source licenses and projects.

Prize: Each member of the winning team will receive a VOX+ FE 3D VR headset with headphones for mobile phone and the team will be invited to present their hack at an upcoming WNR demo night.

Description: Women in the Next Realities Category Award!
VR/AR Impact Challenge

For the best design and use of immersive experience in VR and/or AR to impact user understanding. Use your UX skills combined with HTML, JavaScript, A-Frame, Unity, Unreal or any other immersive tech to create an unforgettable experience that is designed to take advantage of the value 3D immersion can offer for increased engagement - intellectually, emotionally, socially, and/or physically.

Women in the Next Realities is a local grassroots organization for women developers, artists, designers, producers, data scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, students and anyone interested in these transformative technologies. Our meetups and other events offer an opportunity to connect with each other, test ideas/projects, find mentors and resources, and learn about how you can get involved in these exciting industries that are attracting amazing and talented women around the world. Join us at https://www.meetup.com/Women-in-the-Next-Realities!

Prize: 6 Google Daydreams

Description: BU Spark! Category Award!
"The SheHacks Connector": build a resource aggregator and people connector for Boston area women in tech

SheHacks is creating a community of women and femme non-binary individuals to get inspired, get connected, get encouragement, and build their tech skills. BU Spark! wants to continue to support the growth of this community in the Boston area by creating a platform (web-app) that aggregates resources available to women. The types of resources we are looking to combine should/could advance the goals of SheHacks post hackathon.

Examples include: feeds of events relevant to women in tech (e.g. listings of hackathons, demo nights, learning opportunities via meetup.com, eventbrite.com and other channels); a list of the influencers and prominent women in tech in Boston (...get inspired, get connected); Boston-based attendees of SheHacks (...stay connected); listings of organizations, student clubs and their social media channels to stay updated on events and opportunities to learn and connect, tech entrepreneurship resources, etc. and anything else that you (SheHackers) would want in a one-stop shop for women in tech in Boston. Open to interpretation!

Bonus points if you find a way to integrate genderavenger.com

Prize: $100 Sephora gift card for each member & $250 donation to charity of team's choice & PayPal swag

Description: PayPal Category Award! The best app to Empower people through payments.

For the team with the best use of KrakenJS(PayPal Front-end OpenSource) or PayPal/Braintree payment SDK